the art of Howard Ku
From Steveston to Venice

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Finally have a piece of your work in my home. You have no idea how much it means to me. The seascape and the heron both have special meaning to my husband and I and your painting is now hung in a special place of honour in our home. Thank you
Rachel Soer - 22 Jun 2019
Very impressive!!
Victoria Chan - 17 Aug 2018
Your paintings absolutely take my breath away.. Thank you SO much for sharing your gift with us. You are my new hero. If you are interested in seeing some Hawai'i-type flowers in oil, my daughter has a website, You have made my day! Thank you so much.
Jenny Eurell - 5 May 2014
beautiful!! Great job!!
James - 5 Dec 2011
Your works are awesome, Howard. You are truly an artist in every sense of the word. Thanks for inviting me to your website. Keep in touch!
Menchu Abel - 12 Jul 2011
Hi Mr. Ku I'm glad to see you are a painter like your late father. I have an oil painting that I believe your dad painted of a busy street scene signed Tam Ming. My research led me to you.
Mary Marion - 8 Dec 2010
Hi Howard -finally got to your site. Lovely. Hope to see you around!, Mx
Marina from the Slough - 2 Jun 2010
Back for another look excellent, I see the photographic influence.
Gerry Altman - 30 Mar 2010
Very nice work!!!
Kourino hazebrouck - 7 Jan 2010
I knew you were good way back when, just didn't relize how good. I have no doubt that one of your creations, will grace our walls. Ross
Ross Craig - 29 Sep 2009
very good work, would like to see dates on the artist work
megan - 14 Mar 2009
wow your paintings are stunning Howard, I wish I could afford to buy one, I knew you were good but your paintings just keep getting better and better
Colleen Randall - 5 Nov 2008
You captured a special memory for us and it is now hung in a place of honour in our home. Howard you are a wonderful artist and an even greater person.
Rachel Whitley - 5 Jun 2008
WOW, absoloutely incredible work.
Ty - 9 Feb 2008
Love Howard's work. I have some of his beautiful work at home. Thanks Howard.
Fred Li and Rachel - 29 Jan 2008
Truly inspringing works. I particularly like the way Howard captures the mood and the colors he chooses.
christophe Hazebrouck - 27 Jan 2008
very very good
chowheng - 23 Jan 2008
Good work. Keep it coming.
Winnie Choi - 23 Jan 2008
I am a big fan of Howard,s work. Keep it up. Chris.
Christopher Campion - 22 Jan 2008
Great job!!!
Chi-ho Yeung - 22 Jan 2008

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